Autumn Crafting Whirlwind

The start of an Anniversary Sharf in beautiful pumpkin colours

The start of an Anniversary Sharf in beautiful pumpkin colours

I don’t know about you, but Autumn is my favourite season. It shouldn’t be. We have horrid windy rainy days and those days are getting darker and shorter. However I think what I love is the riot of colour that explodes on the trees. I’m a sucker for colour and in my opinion Autumn leaves trumps summer flowers any day.

With the beginning of Autumn well and truly here I find myself in a whirlwind of projects. Not only am I continuing the light summer projects of scarves and shawls, I’ve also hauled the blanket projects back out that were too heavy to work on during the hotter months. So now I have even more projects on the go then I did a month ago! I feel like I’m drowning in them.

To an extent it feels like my head is spinning. I’ve a terrible attention span and hardly ever finish a project before starting a new one. It’s driving me up the wall a little. I know some people who crank out projects at lightening speed and still have time to design patterns at the same time. There must be a way to approach all this. Does anyone find a particular method is useful?

Tunisian crochet blanket pulled from the cupboard, ready to be worked on again.

Tunisian crochet blanket pulled from the cupboard, ready to be worked on again.

I think perhaps because a lot of things that I create are not for a particular purpose or person that could be what stops me from finishing. No deadline means no pressure to finish? Or is it because I’m a perfectionist and often half way through a project I decide its not exactly what I had in mind and this puts me off?

I’d love to know what people think. How do you manage projects, keep yourself motivated and deal with the influx of projects that come with the Autumn/Winter season?

5 thoughts on “Autumn Crafting Whirlwind

  1. I was going to reply a few hours ago, but I thought I’d just do a rummage in the cupboards to check my WIPs first…..I have only just emerged!!!!! I have found 16 WIPs! Why do I have so many? because as the season changes I tend to park ones from the season ending in order to start new ones. So for autumn I’ll probably start working on a blanket, some socks and some warm scarves. The only problem is, I never seem to finish some of my old WIPS. So I am now resolved to sort the WIPs I have and decide if I will finish them, if not they will be frogged and become something new…… season 🙂

    • I’m very glad to hear I’m not the only one with seemly tens of projects on the go at once. So far the idea seems to be to sort through what you have and work out what can be frogged and what can be finished for the coming season. I need to do this anyway as after having just moved I know I have boxes and boxes of yarn and half finished projects that need to be sorted. Perhaps I will dedicate a week to pulling out all of my yarn stash and sorting it out.

  2. like you I have so many projects in progress – I really identify with your comment ‘lots of things I create are not for a particular purpose’ Although now I think of it the purpose is usually because either the pattern or the yarn (or both) is something I just have to get my fingers into!

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